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1. They plan to tie the 2015 federal budget to a tripod of: Standards, Testing and Accountability. Arne Duncan is set to "phase out the authority of states" to control standards and testing via unilateral changes to Title 1 regulations. This will deny federal funding to states that don't comply with the changes.

The US Dept. of Ed, via Race to the Top, has created an overarching, global interoperable (meaning it can link software, data-collection together, globally) testing agent that "phases out state authority" over assessments. Assessment will include real-time, embedded assessments in 1-to-1 technology. This is what the Gordon Commission meant when they said, "The Common Core Standards, and the rethinking of assessments that they are fostering, provide an opportunity to challenge [the] deeply held belief in local control." 

2. They are tying Common Core to ObamaCare to "improve test score outcomes" via the Federally Funded Center for School Turnaround. Utah has a 5-year contract with this Center via the federally-funded testing consortia, SBAC. (Utah's State Superintendent was trained in this federal program and all districts are being sent through this program to be trained to track behavioral data). Test scores will determine whether schools will be restructured with new requirements for curriculum and instruction, or whether they will be shut down and reopened with even more stringent federal requirements that turn the school into a community and health center. This is already happening in Utah. Ogden District was the pilot district.

The federally-funded ConnectEd Initiative (through the Federal Communications Commission) and Telehealth Network (via a federal ConnectEd grant to University of Utah) are supporting "individualized" digital learning that will track children from Birth to Workforce and tie health/mental health records to academic records.

3. The federal ConnectEd Initiative is funding 1-to-1 Digital Learning companies and programs in order to replace textbooks and embed formative assessments in the technology to track children at a meta-data level—bypassing district control over data. Utah's Education Task Force is on the cusp of completely implementing the Fed's 1-to-1 policies in the 2015 legislative session without realizing its implications.

4. They have revised Federal FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) to allow for federal-level data collection via third-party technology. Utah's testing agent, AIR has partnered with Google to administer formative assessments to children via Google Chromebooks.

5. They announced that they are going to start deciding what teacher colleges will receive accreditation. (They plan to give accreditation to groups like Teach for America who have 5-week teacher training programs that support turning teachers into facilitators of technology.) They have already merged the two existing accreditation agencies into one.

6. They now direct the work of the College Board with Common Core's lead architect as President. The SAT and all AP Courses are being changed to support a revisionist view of America. 

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