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Proclamation As A Resolution
In response to the need to have a shortened version of the Proclamation, we have created another version to use. This version contains all of the same language as the original, but the front page can be used without the back page. The front now contains a list of fundamental parental rights and the back contains the detail of how those rights are being impacted by current education reforms.

We hope this shortened version will allow you to share the front page of the Proclamation with friends or family (who may not want to get into the heavier details of education reform). We encourage you to print and share the full version (both sides) when connecting with school board members and legislators.

This Proclamation seeks to:
• Educate parents on the many ways that our natural rights to direct our children's educations are being usurped by federal and state laws
• Educate lawmakers and state leaders on the many ways that parents' natural rights to direct our children's educations are being usurped
• Empower parents to reassert our natural rights
Ideas for use: 
• Share the Proclamation on your Facebook page and ask people to "like" it.
• Make copies of the Proclamation and discuss it with your family and friends.
• Make copies of the Proclamation and include a list of the signers from your state (posted here by each signer's name) and present it to lawmakers
• Print out this Proclamation and take copies to Meet the Candidate nights, local and state school board meetings and townhalls. Ask your leaders if they are putting policies into place that will respect parents' natural rights.