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Return to Parental Rights
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About Return to Parental Rights
Families throughout America are being put in an odd position lately.  They are helplessly watching as their fundamental rights are being undermined through various political and social agendas. Parents simply were not prepared for this.  We have always assumed that our community leaders understood that the family should be protected as the fundamental unit of society, but it seems that what is so obvious to us, is not so obvious to others.  This site and proclamation were set up to help parents better articulate certain fundamental rights and stand their ground as they work to remind others that family is and should always be the fundamental unit of society.

The grassroots parent group and website, Return to Parental Rights was founded by Jenny Baker, Michelle Boulter and Kristine Wagner (Utah) in the spring of 2014 and the Parents' Proclamation was written by JaKell Sullivan (Utah) with the collaborative efforts of many devoted parents who have worked tirelessly to review and share its timely message.  Ultimately, this document belongs to any parent or grandparent, Aunt or Uncle who wishes to use it in their efforts to help protect the family.

Feel free to contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

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