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Return to Parental Rights
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What Are Parental Rights?
Parental Rights are responsibilities. 

Parents are accountable to our Creator, not government, 
in the fulfillment of the responsibilities to educate, provide for and raise our children.  We choose to sacrifice everyday 
to give our children all they need to become 
great human beings.
We recognize that "experts" and policymakers don't always have our children's best interests at heart because 
they don't know our children. 
WE know our children individually. We know their needs. 
NO ONE can love, protect or direct our children's 
individual paths like we can!
Return to Parental Rights is a group of parents and grandparents working to reclaim our God-given rights.
Return to Parental Rights ® 

Think about the rights you have as a parent.  
By divine design, the family holds great power and influence as the fundamental unit of society. 
 We are standard bearers!

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